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Danny Park

We are thinking about the ex-large 5 in 1 unit which has air frier and more.


On 11/2/2020 8:18 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi Dani,

I have no experience with the ninja grill.
I have a Hamilton Beach indoor grill which is similar to the George Forman indoor grill.

My Ham Beach grill is totally basic. The timer and on off knob is all in one. When you turn it to set the time, it turns on the grill at the same time.
No temp control, but if you turn it on for a few minutes before putting that steak on the grill, you can get it spankin hot.
Like the Forman grill, the beach has grill plates in the bottom and lid of the grill. The grill can be used in the closed or opened flat position.
I took a quick look at amazon and there are more than one model of the Ninja.
There is one that is an air fryer as well as indoor grill.
Which one are you thinking about?
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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill and whether it is accessible or can it easily be adapted with markings to be accessible.

Any thoughts or information on this will be greatly appreciated.


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