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Hello Gene and Gerald

I actually tried to install Thunderbird before I asked the question but after installing I just heard "tab" whatever I do and it would not give me a chance to enter my credentials, maybe it is an old version. Can one of you perhaps give a link where I can download a version which will work?






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I agree.  Thunderbird is definitely the way to go in Windows 10.  Forget about Windows Live Mail, which is no longer supported and may or may not continue to work in Windows 10 if you can even find a usable version somewhere online.  The same is true of Outlook Express.  The problem with both WLM and Outlook Express is that feature updates to Windows 10, which are now released every six months, may delete them and all their associated files, requiring them to be reinstalled each time.  Also, there is no guarantee that a future update to Windows 10 won't break WLM or OE and cause them to stop working altogether.  There is a paid email client called OE Classic which is similar to Outlook Express that works in Windows 10, but there have been mixed reports about its accessibility with JAWS and NVDA.





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Is there any particular reason you want to use Outlook Express?  You may be able to find a version, but Thunderbird is not much different and it will probably run well on your machine.

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Hello list
Is there such an adapted version or if not, where can I download a version
of Windows live male that wil run on a win10 laptop and accessible with
JAWS? I did google for a WLM version but it won't install.

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