what is the differenc between thunder bird and other mail programs like outlook express?

heather albright

Hay I have been hearing a lot about this program thunder bird. So it was said that it is similar to outlook express. SO can you make rules for your messages; and send read receipt request? So if you make rules for your groups can you back them up in a mail back up or do you have to recreate them all over again?   I would like to know some of the keyboard short cuts that might be different in this program. Or if any one has a text tutorial for this program. I have never used this program before. I have used the windows mail app, Microsoft outlook and  outlook express 6. Does it work well with jaws or NVDA? I would like to note, jaws does not work well with the Microsoft windows10 mail app and it is better to use NVDA instead of jaws. Express does not have any issues with both screen reader programs. Microsoft Outlook does work well, however, it has way more stuff than just your basic mail program and it does not have short cuts for all the actions in the program. I can safely say not one program is perfect across  the board. Thank you, cheers Heather


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