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On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 04:24 PM, iram shabbir wrote:
please teach me how to use thunder bird. because i m still outlook express user
There are scads of tutorials out there on using Thunderbird with a screen reader.  A web search on Thunderbird paired with the screen reader you intend to use will turn them up.  In the case of NVDA, see Accessible email client Mozilla Thunderbird

The information there about setting up an account is more complicated than it need be these days, and discusses manual account setup.  Thunderbird, like most modern email clients, is able to automatically set up virtually all the settings for an email server if you supply it with your email address and password, and in the case of email service providers that use modern OAUTH authorization, will take you through that process (to the extent it can, once you're thrown to the provider's website to complete it you must follow the steps there).

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