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Quentin Christensen

It is possible to change the keystroke to bring up the NVDA menu (open the NVDA menu, preferences, then down arrow to "Input Gestures" and enter.  In that dialog search for "NVDA menu").  However, before doing that, you want to make sure that you have your NVDA key working and know what it is.  Without an NVDA key, you will run into lots of problems trying to get NVDA to give you information.

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On Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 9:37 AM Sharon Hooley <shooley42@...> wrote:
Thanks for thetips!  So, is there a way to change the preferences that the NVDA keys + n will enter the menu like has in the past?

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On Nov 4, 2020, at 12:55 AM, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:

Note that your NVDA key will be either INSERT or CAPS LOCK, depending on what you have setup.  As Gene suggested, if you can't get to it that way, you can go via the notification area (system tray):

1. Press WINDOWS+B to jump to the navigation area.
2. Press the RIGHT ARROW to move to the NVDA icon (If you can't find it, go to "Notification overflow chevron", enter on that and then arrow through the extra icons).
3. Press ENTER to open the NVDA menu
4. Press DOWN ARROW once to "Preferences"
5. Press ENTER to open the sub-menu
6. Press ENTER again to open "Settings".
7. Press CONTROL+TAB to get to the "Keyboard" settings.

The first option is the Keyboard Layout.  Basically Desktop layout uses the number pad for some functions, and laptop layout doesn't.  So if you want to use NVDA+DOWN ARROW to say all from the current point, then you want Desktop Layout.  If you want to use NVDA+A for Say all, then that's Laptop keyboard layout.

The next option is your NVDA modifier key(s).  You can select one or more of:

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On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 2:47 PM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
If you are using the command NVDA key n and the menu doesn't open, you can
try opening it from the system tray.  Right click the NVDA icon and the menu
will open if it can.

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I can't seem to access the NVDA menu.  Do I need to download extra software?


Quentin Christensen
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Quentin Christensen
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