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What do you mean the voice to be on and with what screen-reader?

Edge is based on the Chrome browser and if it does what that browser does, when you download something alerts are spoken and it is forced speech. This can't be stopped unless you turn all speech off during the download, in which case you can't use your screen-reader, or you get, in the case of Chrome, a Chrome add-on you can use to stop this behavior. I don't use that add-on and I don't recall its name. Others may know. As I recall, you can use add-ons for Chrome in Edge so you should be able to solve the problem that way.

You will hear these intrusive announcements no matter if you are in the program window or not. If you want to look at e-mail, for example, speech be interrupted by these announcements.


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I am running Microsoft Edge browser on a windows 7 machine. I somehow set voice to be on so when I download a file it is speaking the alert and the percentage of the download as the file is being downloaded. Can anyone please tell me how to change this back to silent.
Thank you


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