How to have Jaws play a sound for an event

Teri McElroy

I am wondering if there's a way to have Jaws play a sound which will alert me when I'm in Word and I move between pages either to a new or previous page.
This could be as I am typing or moving around with my arrows.
I did this once a long time ago but can't find the notes on what I did. That time I had Jaws play a sound when I moved between headings in Word and in my mail program for when an attachment
was present. I really liked it because I didn't have to listen to Jaws saying heading 3 or whatever all the time. And as I arrowed up and down the list of emails I heard a sound when an email had an attachment.

So now, I'd like a sound when I move to a different page in word as I'm typing.

Is it speech and sound schemes or somewhere  else in Jaws I need to look at? Has anyone got any ideas on what the trigger would be for the sound to play when I
move to a new page?
Thanks for any ideas.


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