Re: Victor Reader Stream question.

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Hi Carolyn. I'm sure someone has already helped, but if not ... press and
hold the sleep/time button just underneath the 0, the oval key. Press the
number 2 once to get up to advanced time settings then hit confirm which is
the one to the right of 0. Victor says time format 12 hour, AM-PM. Then,
hit the number 8 to get down to 24 hour format. Hit confirm, and then press
and hold the sleep/time button again. That should do it..

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I have set time, but it is 12-hour. What do I do to make it 24, please. I
read instructions in the device, but must have missed something. Also, I'd
like to know how to get it on advanced time.

Thanks for any help.

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