Re: Restoring Classic ALT+TAB behavior in Windows 10, Version20H2

Hope Williamson

I've always had a sighted person near by when engaging in tech support.
Mostly because they'll ask if I can see something, the answer is
inevidably well... I don't because I can't see at all. Therefore, I'll
ask them what they can see, and report back to the person. This resulted
in someone hanging up on me once.

On 11/10/2020 12:54 PM, joanne wrote:
But as Gene said, everyone is at a different level or does some things
quite well but struggles with other facets of learning technology.
That is, I thought, one purpose of groups like this: to ask for and
receive assistance about screen readers, browsers, etc. And for some
of us it is very confusing trying to follow directions that aren't
given in a more specific or screen reader-oriented way. I admit to
asking a sighted person to be with me on the line when talking to some
tech support people, because I wasn't quite getting what the person
was wanting me to do. Not giving the phone to a sighted person, but
being with them so I could take part in doing what I could. But I
wouldn't judge anyone who for the most part depended on people; I mean
after all, if they cared enough to join the group, they too may
someday feel confident and more able to do things more independently.
I do hope people won't be afraid to seek help or ask for something to
be clarified because they have been told they should know certain
things already. I have received valuable assistance from this group,
and I have also found the courage and just plain challenging fun to
learn some things on my own. But again, we're all at different
learning levels and I think we should not be made to feel we should be
at a certain place in tech skills to be a part of this group.

Also, many of us have had training as well as being a part of tech
groups. If we received training that didn't really fully explain how
sighted people may look at or say something, that doesn't make us less
independent. We learn different ways and with different instructors,
just as every sighted person is different and at varying skill levels.

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10, Version20H2

OK OK so this is around my 20th year using a screen reader. Yep, I know
how to translate instructions written by sighted people. In fact, I just
did. It took like 15 seconds. I can do it on the fly at this point.

    I get that there are a lot of people not in their20th year, some
are a lot newer. It's just something I learned over time. I didn't have
any formal training for about the first year. Even then, it's something
I picked up between my formal training, and my self-teaching.

On 11/10/2020 11:57 AM, Gene wrote:
I never said that you should leave the list.  You have your opinion,
as much anger as it may generate on the list.  If, however, your
opinion generates the amount of traffic I anticipate I may ask that
you not repeatedly express it for the sake of the list functioning
smoothly and not repeatedly stirring up a lot of emotions for no

I don't ask people to leave the list because of their opinion. That is
a completely different matter than my responsibility to keep the list
from becoming too contentious.  I have no objection to you expressing
this opinion, but not repeatedly.

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10, Version20H2


           You are willing to assume a level of ignorance that I
cannot, will not, and has not ever been shown to me in all my years of
tutoring. I'll leave it at that.

           Also, you, any you, are obligated to ask for clarification
when required.  You are not permitted to demand that any and all
advice be given in exactly the format and manner you see fit.

            If you would prefer I leave this list, then say so, I
will. But I will not presume the level of ignorance you do, and I will
not put up with demands that all sighted instructions be translated
into screen reader language, as I do and will presume any long term
user of a computer with a screen reader already knows exactly how to
do this, as they will have already read thousands of instruction sets
written in "mouse centric" language.

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