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Here are a small number of NVDA commands. You won't have to know a lot of commands to do quite a bit because so many commands people use are program or Windows commands.
Exit NVDA, either insert q, then press enter.
I won't specify either insert any longer. I'll call the key used the NVDA key. It doesn't have to be either insert. That's what it is by default.
Run NVDA, control alt n.
Read title bar, NVDA t, the same as the JAWS command.
Read to end, NVDA plus down arrow.

Since you are using Windows 7, when you run NVDA for the first time, you will hear the really nerve-grating voice that comes ith NVDA. If you were using Windows 10, you would hear a Windows voice. I don't know how many other voices you have but if you do this, you will get a much more pleasant voice, probably the Windows 7 voice, but it doesn't do a particularly good job of speaking.
You can buy good quality voices for NVDA, including Eloquence. You will probably be using the computer voice if you do the following:
Open the synthesizer dialog with NVDA key s. You are in a list where you can select a synthesizer. Down arrow to Microsoft Speech MSAPI5 and press enter. The dialog closes and you are now probably using the Windows 7 voice.

To adjust speed and other parameters, use the command NVDA v. Listen to the field you are on, then tab around the dialog and do what you want.

That will probably be enough for you to do many things If you want to learn more, there are various tutorials you can use. I don't know much about them, I didn't use them, so I won't discuss them unless you want to learn more. I can tell you a little or direct you where to get information.


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I would suggest Thunderbird Portable. It does as much as the installed
version and it has advantages. If the program develops a problem, yu don't
have to troubleshoot it. You can have a backup copy and you can delete the
copy you are using and copy the backup to the location where the program is
you usually use.

Another advantage is that if you want to put the program on another
computer, you can copy it there and do no setup.

You can also run it from a thumb drive or other removable media. So if you
are using someone else's computer and you want to use your program, you can
use it in that way.

Here is a direct download link:,%20Portable%20Edition&s=s&p=&d=pa&f=ThunderbirdPortable_78.4.2_English.paf.exe

You run the exe file and it seems like an installer but it doesn't install
anything. It places the program on your hard drive.

You run the program by opening the folder where it is, finding the exe file,
typing t will probably place you on it the first time, then press enter.
You can also send the exe file to the desktop as a shortcut and make a short
cut key. If you want to know more about that, members will tell you.

As to your NVDA question, I'll either write you a short introduction or I
may have something I wrote in the past.

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From: Janet
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Hi Gene,
Thank you for this. Do you know of any way I might set up Thunderbird now
on my pc, just so I can try it out, and get used to it before I delete
Outlook, or is this just too far fetch? I guess what I'm asking is can I
have to different email programs on my pc at the same time? If that makes
any sense.


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Thunderbird is a good option.

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From: Janet
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Hi Alan,
Thank you for your response, but I don't think doing a repair would help, as
Outlook 2010 is just so outdated! Outlook is not only outdated, but it is
sure enough flaky! I never did like Outlook for the simple fact it has to
many whistles and bells, in which I can't stand, and I just don't need all
those bells that go along with it. Now, this is just my personal opinion
though. The thought of calling Microsoft, gives me a headache! I will
definitely look in to another email program though. Having said all that, I
do love Outlook for iOS though, and wish I could have that on my pc, and not
only on my phone, but it is what it is! LOLL!


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Alan Robbins
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You could try a repair of your Office software or if you only have Outlook,
a repair of that.
Other option would be call Microsoft disability desk.


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Hi everyone,
For quite some time now, whenever I attempt to forward an email message,
Jaws completely just stops talking, and no matter what keys I might press,
Jaws is completely silent. Several minutes later after I keep pressing some
keys just to see if I can hear something, Jaws starts reading, Microsoft is
not responding if I close the program now or restart the program, I will
lose any unsaved data, then I get the message saying, U.S spelling is not
responding. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to stop this, and just
simply forward an email message?
Using Outlook 2010, Windows 7.
Thank you all in advance.


Peace Be With You.

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