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I haven't used Outlook but I expect that if you learn how to do what you want, you can ignore the various ways of getting lost for the most part. For example, Thunderbird has a calendar. Using f6 when the program opens skips it and moves you directly to the folders list.

I can't discuss Windows 10, but in Windows 7, in Windows explorer, when you are on a file in the list, you can tab around and see all sorts of items you will seldom if ever use. I ignore them all except for the search field. By ignoring them, I can use Windows Explorer, as it is called in Windows 7, as simply as I did in XP.

I' not saying this is true of all programs, but I suspect many can be simplified significantly by the user knowing how to efficiently get to and use what he/she wants while not getting bogged down in other things.


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From: Pamela Dominguez
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2020 9:01 AM
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I never liked outlook for the same reason you don't. I liked outlook
express, because it was much simpler than all the rest of these email
programs. Even windows live mail has more places to get lost than outlook
express did. Pam.

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From: Janet
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Hi Alan,
Thank you for your response, but I don't think doing a repair would help, as
Outlook 2010 is just so outdated! Outlook is not only outdated, but it is
sure enough flaky! I never did like Outlook for the simple fact it has to
many whistles and bells, in which I can't stand, and I just don't need all
those bells that go along with it. Now, this is just my personal opinion
though. The thought of calling Microsoft, gives me a headache! I will
definitely look in to another email program though. Having said all that, I
do love Outlook for iOS though, and wish I could have that on my pc, and not
only on my phone, but it is what it is! LOLL!


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You could try a repair of your Office software or if you only have Outlook,
a repair of that.
Other option would be call Microsoft disability desk.


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Hi everyone,
For quite some time now, whenever I attempt to forward an email message,
Jaws completely just stops talking, and no matter what keys I might press,
Jaws is completely silent. Several minutes later after I keep pressing some
keys just to see if I can hear something, Jaws starts reading, Microsoft is
not responding if I close the program now or restart the program, I will
lose any unsaved data, then I get the message saying, U.S spelling is not
responding. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to stop this, and just
simply forward an email message?
Using Outlook 2010, Windows 7.
Thank you all in advance.


Peace Be With You.

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