cleaning brailler paper feed rollers

Josh Kennedy


I am not sure if its due to the high humidity around here for the past few days, but it seems like the paper feed roller on my perkins brailler has some sort of powdery dust-like stuff on it. I keep the cover on it whenever I am not using it. It’s a used brailler recently refurbished by perkins products a month ago. All I have for cleaning around here is lysoll, chlorox wipes and baby wipes and hand sanitizer, damp wash cloth with water, dawn dish soap. That’s about it. I would have to buy cleaning alcohol if necessary to clean the brailler paper feed roller. I don’t think I have to take the brailler apart, don’t have the tools for that anyway… I can just use the knobs and turn the paper feeder to get at the entire feed roller. Anyway, cleaning tips would be helpful and also is the powdery stuff dust, or the rubber coating coming off? Not sure?





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