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On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 10:20 AM, Gene wrote:
I can't discuss Windows 10, but in Windows 7, in Windows explorer, when you are on a file in the list, you can tab around and see all sorts of items you will seldom if ever use. I ignore them all except for the search field. By ignoring them, I can use Windows Explorer, as it is called in Windows 7, as simply as I did in XP.
Gene, I can't remember whether it was Windows 8 or 10 where the slight name change took place, but what had been known as Windows Explorer all the way up through Windows 7, at least, is now known as File Explorer under Windows 10.

And I'd be shocked if anyone even knew they were using File Explorer versus Windows Explorer.  If the controls aren't 100% identical, they're so close as to be virtually so.

And related to programs in general, particularly wildly complex ones, there are generally several simple keyboard shortcuts any user should learn of the "return me to this part of the program nature."  What those are vary from program to program, but in things like Outlook or Thunderbird it's worth learning, early on, what those are so that if you somehow "get lost in the thicket" you can instantly return yourself to familiar territory.

In most complex pieces of software, much like in Windows itself, there are literally hundreds to thousands of features and keystrokes that you, as an individual, will never likely touch.  You learn the parts you need, when and as you need them, and how to get back to them in the event you accidentally end up somewhere you had not intended.

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