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On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 12:20 PM, Gene wrote:
Do most Internet providers allow you to have a lot of e-mail storage or is it important to use the local folders to avoid loss of messages you never want to lose?

           The former.

           And when it comes to things sent to you as attachments, your smartest move for any you want to have over the long haul is to detach them and save them to your own machine outside the e-mail client entirely.

           I've been using Gmail for years and on a couple of accounts have not been nearly so good about following my own, "Once you touch it, you nuke it if you know you don't want it later," rule.  One one account I've got 10,044 messages, most of which really should have been deleted immediately after first access.  On two others I've got just over 4500 messages on one and just under 2000 messages on another, and that's ridiculous, too, but not quite as ridiculous as the first example.

           Keeping every email message you ever receive is the cyber equivalent of keeping every piece of real mail (including junk mail) you ever receive, and who does that?  We even tend to throw out important stuff, like bills, after we know we've sent payment unless we need records for something like taxes.  Hoarding email makes no more sense than hoarding snail mail.  It's a small portion of what any one of us receive that requires permanent filing, and the capacities given by any email service provider I know have yet to be exceeded either by myself or any residential or small business client I've had over the past almost 2 decades.

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