Accessible Mixers

Joe Orozco


For anyone using a mixer, I'd love your guidance on finding the right
model. I'm interested in creating tutorials. I want to be able to
record myself of course along with JAWS on my PC, and one or two other
guests via Zoom. I would like to be able to bring in audio from a
music keyboard. Part of what I am hoping to get out of a mixer is the
ability to bring in multiple tracks via a USB connection. I want
effects to be able to minimize post production editing but realize
editing may not be completely avoidable. I'm considering a few models
from Mackie, A&H, and Soundcraft. Unfortunately the representative at
SweetWater was not very helpful, hence turning to you in hopes you
might be able to narrow the scope for me. I thought of skipping a
mixer and using an audio interface to keep things simpler, but I have
not found one that can accommodate what I'm looking for. I'm opening
to alternatives though. Thank you kindly in advance.


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