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Oh, it is illegal alright. On some of these described movies the
narrator will actually read the warning that most movies contain and
it makes it very clear that it is illegal to do what the file sharing
sites and email lists are doing. Take the blind mise movie vault for
example, one has to create an account and give one's email address in
order to get in to that section of their web site to even peruse
what's on there. If sharing these files were completely legal with no
chance of any legal repercussions why the need for that security

Gene may be correct that we're such a small market and the fact that
no one has come after these mailing lists and web sites or it could be
the fact that no one has reported them to the legal authorities yet.

But yes, it is illegal to share or partake otherwise known as
pirating,of these files according to the on-screen warnings found inn
most movies.

Stay safe,


On 11/15/20, Rich DeSteno <> wrote:
The use and distribution of these visual creative works, such as
movies, without permission of the creators probably does technically
violate the US Copyright Law. However, since these files with
descriptive audio are usually exclusively audio with no visual image,
they are of no significant use to sighted individuals. As such, little
actual harm is done to the marketability of the actual creation, which
primarily consists of visual images. In other words, these files are
only of real use to the blind, so nobody is that concerned about there
free distribution. On the other hand, the reproduction and distribution
of strictly audio material, such as recorded songs, is a totally
different case. The wide proliferation of this type of intellectual
property on the web is largely blatantly in violation of the Copyright
law. By now, most artists understand that there is little they can do
to stop it, so they tolerate it. Even music streaming services, such as
Spotify, pay only less than a half-cent to the creator of the song for
each play. For example, a song that is streamed a million times on
Spotify will only generate a little over four thousand dollars to the
composer and nothing to the performing artist. The artists and
composers take whatever they can make from download sites, such as Apple
Music and Amazon Music, but only the superstars really make the
significant money in music.

On 11/15/2020 3:35 AM, Samuel Wilkins wrote:
Hello all, someone on a list I'm on has asked about where they can
obtain audio described films and television shows, and one option
suggested was I looked it up, and it said they don't
intend to take income from copyright holders, but I'm still not sure.
Is this site legal? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thank you
in advance.

Rich De Steno

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