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It appears to me much if not all comes from the uk where description is widely required. There is a point in law, if an owner does not make a
claim after a given number of years, it is considered in the public domain.

On Sun, 15 Nov 2020, Gene wrote:

I don't know if its legal but there are two or three such sites I know of
and they have existed for years. If the owners cared, they would have gone
after such sites. Therefore, I don't think the owners care if their work is
circulated among a small audience of blind users. In addition, there is no
one central library or place where such contdent is made available by an
organization that does so legally. Such sites may be the only place to get
much of this material.

If you are worried about the ethics, you don't have to use such sites, of
course. I think the inaction of any owner for years answers the question as
to whether they care.
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Hello all, someone on a list I'm on has asked about where they can
obtain audio described films and television shows, and one option
suggested was I looked it up, and it said they don't
intend to take income from copyright holders, but I'm still not sure.
Is this site legal? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thank you in


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