Re: Jaws Update


So, What may have happened is that it may have prompted you to install
the latest Jaws version which is version 2021. even if you are not
authorised you can still install it. without the authorisation it runs
in the 40 minute mode, & calls itself as JAWS professional. if you
update your authorisation, it would say jaws home or professional
edition depending on the authorisation.

from the current version of JAWS 2020 onwards they have begun
updating the authorisation remotely but you can switch to jaws 2020 &
chek for the jaws authorisation update from jaws help, license submenu
& click on update activation option & it would update your activation
to the latest version you are entitled to.

Hope, all this was not too confusing.

Thank you,


On 11/16/20, Shelly Kane <> wrote:
        Hi Group:

I just updated to Jaws 2021 and didn't realize it.  I thought it was
part of Jaws 2020.  After I finished the update, I migrated my settings
and it then said something about 40 minute mode and I got really
confused because my license is paid for.  It said something about update
authorization and I couldn't find that.  Then it said Jaws professional
and I have Jaws home.  Did I do something wrong?  When I go into Jaws,
it says these 3 different versions with the same numbers.  Thanks in
advance for any help that you can give me.  I hope I did this correctly.


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