Re: How do I move my Whatsapp and SMS from iPhone to Android?

Muhammed Demirölçen <demirolcen@...>

I speak Turkish. You can write to me whenever you want, I can wait for you.
In fact, I have been doing research on the subject on the internet for days.
I have no problem with what I can do on Android. But I could not find a program that I can use on the computer. None of the programs I found were accessible to screen readers.

16.11.2020 18:20 tarihinde Bharat yazdı:

Please give me some time, i would get back to you.

What language do you speak??

On 11/16/20, Muhammed Demirölçen <> wrote:
I want to do these things on my computer first, but unfortunately, all
the iPhone extractors I find are not accessible to the visually impaired.
I could not find which program to use on the computer. I know very
little English, so it might be. Also, do I have to pay for the program
used on the computer?

Thank's for help.

16.11.2020 16:37 tarihinde Bharat yazdı:
Yes, it is possible & you did the right thing. now, look for the
homepage of Wazzapp migrator & also extract your sms backup from this
itunes backup & [proceed to the next steps.

for this you would need a PC.

Whazzap migrator homepage:

For sms transfer please refer to this excellent webpage:

Thank you,


On 11/16/20, Muhammed Demirölçen <> wrote:
I have no chance to back up my iPhone over the phone. Because iPhone is
very slow and its memory is not enough to backup.
I made a full backup of my iPhone with iTunes. The backup is without a
Isn't it possible that way?

16.11.2020 11:55 tarihinde Bharat yazdı:

So, what i am saying is to create an backup of your iphone using
iphone. This backup should be unencrypted, meaning, it should not be
password protected.

once you do that, then Whazzapp migrator will extract your whatsapp
back from your iphone backup. once you have this backup, please copy
both the files to your phone's internal storage, then follow the
instructions from Whazzapp migrator programme to restore your backup.

Thank you,


On 11/16/20, Muhammed Demirölçen <> wrote:
Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean.
I know the Whazzapp migrator program.
I've heard the name of this program before. But first, I know that it
necessary to exxtract Whatsapp and message contents with the iPhone
Brouzer application. I could not understand this part of the job.
Whazzapp migrator is not the second stage?

16.11.2020 09:42 tarihinde Bharat yazdı:

It is very much possible to migrate your SMSes & Whatsapp to Android.
here is what you need. Please download Whazzapp migrator on your
android phone for this purpose.

Here is the playstore link:

it is a paid app but it is totally worth the price & will surely do

another paid app that i used to move my SMSes from Iphone to Android

It's a very useful app & would be useful for you even after you swtch
to & start Android on everyday basis for backing up your smses

Both the apps have extensive directions to work with them but in case
you face a challenge,, let me know.

to begin with, you have to create an unencrypted backup of your
iphone. This is from where we would need to extract all your smses &
WhatsApp backups to restore them to Android.

Tip: once you have successfully migrated everything, please make it a
point to enable regular backups of your WhatsApp & other data.
Especially WhatApp since google allows you unlimited backups of your
Whatsapp data.

Hope, you find all this information of some use. Heartiest
congratulations for making the right decision of switching from
to Android. Good luck & enjoy.

Thank you,


On 11/16/20, Muhammed Demirölçen <> wrote:
Hello, I know very little English and I use Google Translate. If the
translation error happens, I'm sorry about that.
I bought myself a new Android cell phone. I want to transfer my SMS
Whatsapp data from iPhone to my Android device.
Is there any way I can do this in an accessible way? Thank you in
advance for your help.

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