Re: Found out why I get Zeros in text. Very strange though.


I don't know what commands you were using while typing. Every time you used numpad insert for anything when the numlock was on, you were entering 0 into an edit field, if you were in one. If you use numpad insert as the command for read to end with the numlock on, you were not using its function as insert. You were using it to try to insert the number 0. Read to end would have worked with the other insert or another command such as capslock if you had that set as an NVDA command.


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From: Dave
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2020 9:49 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Found out why I get Zeros in text. Very strange though.

I had turned the Number Lock to ON. And for what ever reason, by
doing this, on my desk top system running Win 10, started to put in
zeros while typing. I noticed it in Thunderbird, but I was typing in a
file name in
Wave, and a zero magically showed up in the file name as well.

Turned off the Number Lock, and now all is well.

The Read to End even works again! Go figure. Have I stumbled on a
quirk with NVDA running on my system, or does this even have anything to
do with NVDA?

Anyway, turning the Num Lock off seems to be the solution this time around.

Grumpy Dave

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