Re: To turn off Protected Mode in MS-Office for Downloaded Documents

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


         While I have no objection to what anyone chooses to do, or that they consider "easiest," most want documents of whatever type to open, "automagically," in the program normally used to create and edit them.

          If the attachment is a docx, I want it to open in Word, xlsx in Excel, PDF in my chosen PDF reader, etc., when I choose to download/detach something.  That's why I turn off protected mode.  It's a personal preference, combined with the fact that I have not had an infection of any sort, or flagged MS-Office document, in over 15 (possibly 20) years.  I'm really fussy about the sources from which I'll download and open documents.

          In the situation where I'm the file's supplier, I figure that by now I'm a very well known quantity on a number of blind-related technology groups and it's well known that nothing I created myself will give anyone any infections.  The same for other materials I give links to that I did not create.  I wouldn't hand someone else anything that I haven't vetted myself, with the possible exception of links to newspaper articles.

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