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Almost all modern browsers do this by drag and drop, which is why I strongly suggest individuals learn how to do this using the following method, which is screen reader and browser agnostic.  Credit Barbara Sheinbein in the JAWS Group topic, Is there an easy way (or an extension for) sending a URL as a shortcut to the desktop with Firefox and JAWS? :

This works for all sorts of things to send to your desktop like folders, documents, or even a commonly used email address.


Go to your desktop.  Press control-space bar to deselect anything on your desktop. 

Press the applications key or shift-10.

Arrow up or down to new and press enter.

Arrow to shortcut and press enter.

You will be in an edit field.  Type or copy/paste your web site URL.

Tab to next button and press enter.

On the next screen give this a name and tab to finish.  Press enter.


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