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I don’t know of any screen readers who don’t use first letter navigation either.

So now, you tell me this, but, I didn’t read this in your tutorial until I just downloaded it an hour ago.  Now, had Brian, told me some of this yesterday before I downloaded your tutorial, I might have had a better understanding.  Without the add-on, you cannot first letter navigate in your folder tree, ok this is finally good to know!  This makes sense!  I now know why I want to download the add-ons, as I asked you yesterday!  Now, if I can get to where I need to add the extensions in Thunderbird, that would be nice!  I might get to work with Thunderbird, and I would be one happy camper!  Lol!  Smile!  Thank you for the information. 




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          I know of almost no screen reader users who are not accustomed to using first letter navigation in the folder tree in an e-mail client, and virtually all e-mail clients support this natively, but not Thunderbird.  Without the add-on, you cannot first letter navigate in your folder tree.

          The tutorial states, in its intro covering this add-on:  This allows you to jump from folder in the folder tree using first letter navigation to move between them.  

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