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This is great to know, as I don’t know anything about Thunderbird, but I’m trying to learn.  Thank you for this, as I will keep this.  These are things I need to know, if I’m going to be working with Thunderbird, hopefully soon! 




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I'm not sure what accounts for what you were describing earlier, but if I didn't tell you this before, it may save you problems. 


When you open something like options in Thunderbird, after you work in it, close it with control f4.  Alt f4 closes the program but if you haven't closed options first, when you reopen the program, you will be in options again.  Closing options and returning to the main window will avoid you being somewhere else when the program opens again.



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Brian, you said I would want to install the Quick Folder Key Navigation extension/add-on. 
I asked you why, in other words, why would I want to install that, but yes, you gave no explanation is to why would I want to do that.  I am just replying to this for clarification purposes.  .   .

I have never used Thunderbird, and I have never had to install any add-ons for any program before.  So, I wanted to know.  I’m a firm believer in there is no stupid question, so if I don’t know something, I’m sorry if that bothers you, but I will continue to ask questions until I learn what I want to learn! 

Thank you for letting me know about what I call a toggle feature, meaning pressing f6, It remembers where you last were when you closed it, and that's where it opens, as I didn’t know that either.   



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On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 09:06 PM, Janet wrote:

You gave no explanation.   

Uh, yes I did in the tutorial.

This is aimed at you, and in general, when people offer reference material, it's expected that it will be read before follow-up questions are asked.  I don't write those tutorials for my benefit.

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