Re: Google Voice not ringing when receiving an incoming call

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


             How are you accessing Google Voice.  In order for incoming phone calls to ring you do have to have either a Google Voice tab open at all times, or the Google Voice (or Hangouts, but that's going away in early 2021) app installed in Chrome (or other Chromium-based browser) and that browser running.

             There are so many slightly different ways one can keep Google Voice "waiting in the background" for incoming calls that one would have to know which one or ones you've used.

              My problem is that even when these are running in the background, there are times that they don't ring.  But this has been an intermittent problem with every single Google app I've used to access the voice function of Google Voice.  What's odd is that I consistently get notifications for text/SMS/MMS.  I don't think that's ever failed.

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