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This is an impression because I didn't work with either extensively, but I don't recall any differences that matter. It my be, however, that the add-on caused a strange problem where the JAWS key didn't work properly at times. Its been perhaps four or five months since I compared the two and I'm not sure if that problem matters in general but others may have ccomments on that. They may not have had the problem and you can't generalize from one person's experience. I would suggest trying the demo versions of both, no matter what comments you get. You will have a week to try both.

The reason I favor the SAPI5 bersion is that at some time in the future, if Python (spelling) is updated again, it will make no difference. the SAPI 5 synthesizer will be compatible without the add-on being updated. Also, you may not care about this, but I like the idea of having a version of Eloquence that is compatible with many other programs.


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I am thinking about getting Eloquence for NVDA. Is there any difference in performance of the SAPI version and the add on version? I am not interested in getting Vocalizer. I downloaded the trial version and let it expire before I tried it out.

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