Re: Eloquence and NVDA

Gerald Levy

You cannot use JAWS Eloquence with NVDA.  However, you can purchase and download an extension from Code Factory for $95 that will add both Eloquence and Vocalizer Express voices to NVDA:


On 11/19/2020 7:30 AM, Alan Robbins wrote:



Fairly new to NVDA and have a question on the eloquence issue. Long time user of JAWS which has eloquence. I’m assuming this will not work with NVDA?

How much is the plug in and will it work with narrator as well?




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I see you downloaded the trial version and didn't try it before it expired.  I didn't notice that when I read the message the first time.  I happened to read it again while I was reviewing one or two other messages nearby.  Did you download both trial versions or just one?



On 11/18/2020 6:52 PM, Loy wrote:

I am thinking about getting Eloquence for NVDA. Is there any difference in performance of the SAPI version and the add on version?  I am not interested in getting Vocalizer.     I downloaded the trial version and let it expire before I tried it out.

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