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Joe Orozco

It comes down to what you want to do with the system, or more
importantly, how you want to do it, and how much you want to spend on
the product. I think the level of accessibility is fairly equal
between iOS and OSX versus Windows. Both products let you get started
without sighted assistance. Both products feature dedicated customer
service for accessibility. I would argue Windows gives you more ways
to adjust your screen reader of choice, but if you are not creating
complex documents or producing complex audio or visual projects, that
point may not matter. Windows-based products has the advantage of
featuring a lot more options, therefore creating more affordable
prices, but there is something to be said for Apple products enjoying
a healthy longevity and high quality construction. I think we would
have to get a clearer understanding of what you want to accomplish to
make more specific recommendations.


On 11/19/20, Gene <> wrote:
I'm not sure there is an answer. for the typical user, I doubt there is a
meaningful advantage one way or the other. I won't use Apple computers
because I know Windows and it isn't worth my time and effort learning
another operating system when I am already very profficient in one.

there may be some specific uses that are better dealt with in apple
computers and some in Windows but I don't think, as I said, that for the
typical user, it matters.

Then there is the cost of Apple computers. You pay a lot more.

I won't comment on mobile devices. I haven't used smart mobile devices.

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For those who have both, or experience with both Systems, Which has the
better support when it comes to over all Accessibility?

Not trying to start World War 8, but I keep noticing lots of articles
and pod casts explaining Apple Accessibility features. this would cover
the Apple Mac, the I-Pad, and the I-Phone.

I don't own an Apple products, but am open to it. With what seems to be
an increase in articles, over the last year or two, it just had me
wondering how good are the Apple products?

I find all the Operating Systems to be lacking when it comes to
Accessibility. Seems like we move ahead one or two steps, then take a
step or two back.

I personally use Windows and Android. have yet to own anything Apple.

Grumpy Dave

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