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On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 10:31 AM, Joe Orozco wrote:
but there is something to be said for Apple products enjoying a healthy longevity and high quality construction.
The only nit I'm going to pick here is that this implies the same cannot be had in a PC.

Your assertion, which is 100% correct, that, "Windows-based products has the advantage of featuring a lot more options, therefore creating more affordable prices," means that the range of available options ranges far more widely in terms of price and durability.  And in markets for anything where that's the case, it's not fair or accurate to compare, "the cheap end of the range," against something else from a competitor that's not in the same class.

As someone who repairs computers for a living, you'll often hear things along the line of, "PCs are junk, Apple makes quality product," but, when you probe, the comparison is being made between a $300 bargain basement PC and a $1500 Apple Macbook (or whatever, but you get the general point).

Business-class PCs at approximately the same price points (and, actually, even slightly below) as their Apple counterparts are built to the same quality standards.  You simply can't expect bargain-basement and gold plated price points to ever have equivalency in terms of build quality.

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