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up until now, using win7, I haven't had any issues with them coming up, it is only now that one can't get win7 anymore, that it is starting to be a real headache.
I am finding them very different, and next to impossible to find the things I need/want to find on them. give me the standard easy to use menus any day.

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 10:45 AM, goshawk on horseback wrote:
I am not happy with the way it is going with all these ribbon menus
This will likely start a war, but, "it is going"?   Where have you been?

The ribbons interface started all the way back when Office 2007 was introduced and has been a part of Windows since Windows 7.  Microsoft is not "going" but went a very, very long time ago.

And whether you like the ribbon interface or not, Gene's assertion, " in essence, ribbons are like menus but differently organized," is spot on, and the organization is not all that different.  For those using keyboard shortcuts, the ones you've been using "since dirt" have remained unchanged.  Learning how to navigate the ribbon is just not difficult.   I see a lot more active resistance to learning how to do so that's a far greater impediment than the ribbons themselves ever have been.

If you're going to stay in the Windows ecosystem the choice is learning how to use the ribbon interface or flounder.  It's that simple.  And no one need flounder unless by choice.

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