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is there really any need to be so horrible to people?

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I am finding them very different, and next to impossible to find the things I need/want to find on them. give me the standard easy to use menus any day.
The "standard, easy menus" are gone and are never coming back.  They also were standard, but not easy.  We all had to learn them when we first started to work with them, too.  I also, for the record, far preferred them, but that's entirely irrelevant because I, like you, have the tools at my disposal that have been provided.  I don't get to have my preference in a wide range of situations.  And with computers, you always have to learn to work with the predominant design idiom of the moment.  It doesn't matter one iota what your opinion about that predominant design idiom is.

The fact that you, or anyone, is saying well over a decade after the mass introduction of the ribbon interface that they don't know how to use it indicates an active resistance to doing same, for which there is no one to blame but the end user.  Here is Gene's tutorial, along with two I've written.  Like everything tech related, practice is what brings about eventual ease of use.


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