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There is an add-on that provides two different synthesizers in one add-on. The person asking the question specifically said he wants only Eloquence. Unless someone wants both voices, there is no meaningful price difference, one costs 67 dollars, the other costs 69 and unless there is a performance difference or other differences that are advantages in using the add-on, if I just wanted Eloquence, I would buy the SAPI5 version. For one thing, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, many years from now, Python (spelling) is updated again. That might mean a temporary, even if short, loss of the ability to use the add-on with the current NVDA version. For another, if you want to use another screen-reader or self-voicing program that supports SAPI voices, you can use the SAPI 5 version. You are not limited to only NVDA, as the add-on does.


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both together will cost a lot less. why don't you go to and check it out for yourself.

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