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Your post is verging on personally abusive and such posts will not be allowed if continued in any regular or recurring pattern.

You don't realize that there are ;peop;le on these lists with all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of training and lack of training, who have and have not used the most current interfaces. You don't serve people well by being demanding and personally critical. You can encourage people without being critical in that way.


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On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 01:21 AM, goshawk on horseback wrote:
is there really any need to be so horrible to people?-
If giving you a long overdue wake-up call when you're whining like a 3-year old is horrible, then yes. And that is exactly what you're doing.

The ribbon interface has been here for over a decade and not having bothered to learn anything about it is your fault, period.


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