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I gave the example of not having to worry about prohgram corruption. With the portable version, you can also update to a new version, still have a backup portable copy you haven't updated, and go back to that version if the new one has problems or behaviors you don't like. Again, you just delete the version you updated and copy the backup version to the location where you run the program from.
You can also copy the program to a new computer and it will be ready. No setup is necessary.

Also, if you keep the backup program updated so that it is the same as the version you are running, if you like that version, and repeat the backup over time, you will have a current addressbook in the backed up version. It saves the time of importaing the address book if you copy the program to a new location or if you replace a corrupted version.

I may have mentioned in my last message that you don't have to set up your accounts if you use a backup where you have already set them up.

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Gene, I already use the portable version but I'd like to hear your
reasons as to why its preferable than the installed copy. Other listers
will benefit from this info.

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Another really important advantage of using Thunderbird is that you can use Thunderbird portable, which I very strongly recommend instead of the installed version. I'll present more reasons if people want, I've written about this on different lists, I'm not sure just which ones.

I'll make one point about the portable version. If something becomes corrupted in the portable version, you don't have to try to figure out the problem and solve it. You can just delete it, and copy your backup copy of the program to the location you run it from. Nothing else needs to be done.

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I have it and it is very similar to OE, but it still needs work to make it screen reader friendly. The developer says he is working on it. There is focus issues with folders and messages.
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H I all,

I am currently jawing 18, and windows ten. I haver outlook 2019, and don't like it. so if OE classic is as good as OE was, I'm interested. Any comments? Jim

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