Re: Rebooting into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Steve Matzura

Sorry, I can't do that for two reasons. One, I've lost access to the administrator account, which is why I need to go into Safe Mode in the first place, and two, fast startup is already off. Oh well. Back to the drawingboard.

On 11/21/2020 7:35 AM, Blaster wrote:
Steve, Go into the power options and turn off the fast boot checkbox,
that should slow things down enough for the f8 key option on post.


On 11/20/20, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
I am trying to do this. Of course, the old standby F8 method doesn't
work because the machine and SSD are just too fast, so I have to use the
recovery method, which puts you into a menu that goes away very quickly
if you don't respond fast enough, and of course, there's no
Narrator--yet. So, when this menu appears, I have to press something
that will get me into the Troubleshooting area, then I have to pick an
Advanced boot option, and finally, press F4, F5, or F6 to get into
either Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, or Safe Mode with Command
Prompt. Presumably at this point I can start Narrator. What I need are
the key sequences to do this totally unassisted. If I'm too slow, the
system will just boot into Windows normally and I'll start over. I'm
game to do this until I get it right, because I have to. I created a
user account and did not give it administrator privilege, and I have no
idea of how to switch back to my former aqdministrator login to fix the
problem. Supposedly I can do this in Safe Mode somehow.

THanks in advance.

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