Re: Rebooting into Safe Mode in Windows 10


Steve, This is a long shot, but see if you can run this free program.


On 11/21/20, Blaster Nil8 <blaster.nil8@...> wrote:
Not having access to narrator to press the power button on the login
screen is troubling. Are you saying that the Windows key + Ctrl +
Enter doesn't bring up narrator?

As far as using the command prompt, I'd try either because it's
possible it won't execute due to the admin access lockdown.
Give it a whirl,


On 11/21/20, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
1. How do I click anything once I've found the POWER button on the
sign-in screen? There's no screenreader alive that will give me access
to that, or I haven't figured out how to get that access. Tabbing to the
Restart button, then holding down the SHIFT key while pressing ENTER
doesn't do it.

2. Once the computer restarts, there's no speech. So what key(s) do I
press to get into Troubleshooting, then Advanced? That was in my first
posted question.

3. In the solution using BCDEDIT, I've also seen one that uses {default}
instead of {bootmgr}. Which one is correct, and do I need the braces?

4. I can't use MSCONFIG because it tosses me into a UAC screen from
which I cannot escape other than by answering no.

On 11/21/2020 6:53 PM, Blaster wrote:
Steve, Here's a few more ways to enter safe mode that you may want to


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