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Hi Veronica,
Give this a try, it should be enough to get you started.

File started: 10:28 AM 10/5/2018

Burning an audio cd with AnyBurn:

For ease of use, it is best to create a folder, Burn to CD, in the Documents
This will give you a place to put files you want to burn, and allow you to
see the size of the compilation to make sure it will fit on the cd.
Astandard cd will hold approximately 700mb.
To check the size, press the backspace key once to close the folder, then
with the folder selected, press the key combination, alt + enter, to open
the properties dialogue, then read with the Jaws cursor.
Once you have determined the size, press the Escape key to close the
properties dialogue.
After you have put the desired files in the folder, press alt + F4 to close
it, and then continue with the steps below.

1. Put a blank cd in your drive and close the drive.

2. Press enter on the AnyBurn shortcut on the Desktop.

3. When the program opens, tab to "Burn Audio CD from mp3/flac/ape...", and
press the spacebar.

4. In the resulting dialogue, tab to the Add button, and press the spacebar.

5. Now tab until you hear,"look in Documents, and press enter

6. Now tab until you come to a list of folders, and locate the Burn to CD
folder, and press enter.
This folder should open, and show your files.

7. Next, press Control + A, to select all, then tab to the Add button, and
press the spacebar.
At this point, you may hear a progress dialogue as it adds your files.

8. Now, tab to the Next button, and spacebar it.
This will open the burning dialogue,
with settings, which should be fine as long as the check boxes are checked.
9. Tab to the burn now button, and press the spacebar, and burn process
should begin.
You may hear a progress dialogue as the files are written to the disk.
When the burn is complete, the disk should eject, then just tab to the close
button and spacebar it.
You are done!

Unless you want to make another cd with the same songs, you should delete
the files from the burn to cd folder.

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Hello to all,

I would be so delighted if someone could please send me instructions on how
to use AnyBurn. I have music on my computer that I would like to burn on to
a CD. I did obtain instructions from the internet but they do not make much
sense to me. I will be using windows 10 and JAWS 19. Thank you so much.


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