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I am assuming that there is a way to route the touch cursor to the virtual PC cursor in this discussion. I am assuming that you are first working with the Virtual PC Cursor. I dohn't use JAWS, and that's why I am making these assumptions. You don't have to tab and tab. Use your screen-reader's search to search for the item you want or for the first item you want if you don't know what the item you are looking for is, then find the one you want by down arrowing. That item, you will have to remember from your first look at what was an unfamiliar page. The find command is one of the most under and unused and most useful commands blind people have in web browsing. Any training material that doesn't teach its use thoroughly is deficient.


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Last week, I was trying to listen to samples from

It was established that it worked via a few browsers using NVDA but since I use jaws it was not working.

However, I revisited the usage of the touch cursor, and it worked. However, the part I don’t like is the fact I have to tab it seems like forever until I pass a melody and underneath it will say group, group group, so pressing enter on one of those played a melody but outside of it working via the touch cursor, what a pain lol.

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