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Hi Joanne.  Strange as it may seem, there are certain spots within an area, a building or a house, say where data cannot, for some reason, travel between your wireless equipment and your pc, hence your inability to connect to the internet, even with a wireless modem/router operating to full capacity.  These spots are known as "Blind Spots".  The only way is to shift your pc's position so that it isn't located at that blind spot so the wireless router/modem can then communicate with your pc.  It also happens with mobile phones where in certain areas or spots, no incoming or outgoing call is posible to make or recieve.  Cheers!

On 25/11/2020 6:42 am, joanne wrote:
Oh no unfortunately it's the router. Everything seems to work everywhere else in the house, but my computer keeps saying off-line and the plug is looking pretty worn out.

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I purcheased a erro mesh router. It works great for my needs. Sure it is not the modem? A router is only is good as the modem it has to connect too! My erro mesh has to points so I have internet all threw the house! I found outthe modem I was using was the issue and we all know spectrum really sucks. So now I am in the market for a modem that works with spectrum

My router uses an app off my iPhone and it sends weekly reports directly to the phone. Cheers Heather .


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Subject: [TechTalk] looking for a good wireless router/modem isn't in the sameroom


My Linxys has bit the dust and I wondered what you'd recommend for my new adapter. The modem is in another room, and the Linxys eventually found it but the internet was kind of shaky so I'd like a better one. Might there be a more top-of-the-line Linxys, or have you found another brand to be better? Thanks.




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