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Hi, well, there is several ways you can do this install windows on the Mac. One thru a virtual windows and the other is thru boot camp . Which boot camp is fairly like just installing windows like on any hard drive.  I think I would prefer boot camp to a virtual windows but it is a choice. Now if you not going to use this thing as your primary machine you might not want to get the latest and greatest . You might want to if thinking of a lap top go with the Mac book air the13 inch or the 11 inch. They also have brought back the mac book as well so that might be worth looking at. But all this being said this late in the year I think I would wait for the new ones to come out. JST !




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Subject: [TechTalk] considering to start with Apple machines


Dear all,


First, greetings to you all here in the new list and a lot of thanks to Carlos, who helps all of us everywhere.

Now my thoughts:

I’m using for fourteen years or so the system operation of Microsoft.

Now, I use Win 7 pro and think to upgrade it – when Jaws 17 is out, soon.

I’ve two laptops, one is 8 years and the other one is five years old.

I think to start now using the laptop of Apple and as I do understand – I’m talking about MACBOOK PRO.

I really wish to get your thoughts, your experience with that machine.

which one do I have to purchase and any other helpful information.

I’ve read about it but really don’t have any experience and the world and the way Apple acts with its systems.

Again, I do understand that it is a very general question but any information, any experience will be greatly appreciated.

I’m totally blind and use Braille Display and it’s a very important point for me.

I also know that I can install the system of Microsoft on these machine of Apple and wish to know how really this works.


thanks for any output.




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