Re: Kurzweil 1000, or something else?

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

Norman, if you intend to scan books, then you want to upgrade Kurzweil. It will cost less than getting a new version and possibly less than Open Book or even DocuScan Plus.

Kurzweil software is designed and produced by a company whose product is OCR software and nothing else. That's all they do. Open Book is an afterthought for Vispero. It is one of many, many products which they offer, and hence is not as well crafted or as reliable as is Kurzweil. They've now added their OCR software to Jaws, making it even more top-heavy than it was before.

For my money, I'd go with Kurzweil. They know what they're doing.

Ann P.

Original message:

Hi all.
I have an older copy of kurzweil1000 that i haven't been using because i
haven't really needed OCR software. However, the time has come that i
would like to have a good OCR program again for reading books and such.
So i'm curious what people think, is it worth upgrading kurzweil to the
latest version? or is there better OCR software out there now?
I want something for a pc, not a mobile device.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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