Re: File unlocker

Walter Ramage

Hi. I don't use Wetrans but I do have an Open Drive account.

I don't know why Defender flagged the file but I use avast and have
installed the file on 4 computers and on others before they were
reinstalled. I've never had a flag when installing at any time nor have I
experienced problems after installation. Anyhow for those who are
interested then I've uploaded the zipped file and also the .x file so you
can try both and see what happens. The first link is for the zipped file:

Now the .x file.

I'd be grateful if somebody lets me know of their experience. Walter.

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Perhaps Walter could place the file on for all to grab? If
he does, it will be available for up to seven days. After placing the file
on, he can send the link to the list. I think this could be
a much better arrangement than SendSpace?

Denver, Colorado

Now the .x file.

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