Re: Kurzweil 1000, or something else?

Monte Single

Hi Pam,
I think you are refering to the serial number that coame with your k1000 media.

See if you can find some help on this page;

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I don't know what to do. A couple of years ago, I updated to the latest version, but they didn't like the password I told them Kurzweil gave me.
They said that that wasn't the kind of password they gave, never mind the fact that it is in braille, sent to me from them. I guess this person I spoke to was relatively new in the company, so only knows the newer ones.
So, they insisted on giving me a new password. Unfortunately, I don't have it written down anywhere. I understand that there is nobody to talk to on the phone anymore about my problem. I need to put it in this computer, but it seems I am stumped. Does anybody have a solution? Pam.

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From: Norman
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I have v12 but would upgrade to the latest version. I want to use it with win10.

On 11/24/2020 7:26 PM, Monte Single wrote:
What version of Kurzweil do you have?
Which version of windows do you want to use with k1000?

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Subject: [TechTalk] Kurzweil 1000, or something else?

Hi all.

I have an older copy of kurzweil1000 that i haven't been using because
i haven't really needed OCR software. However, the time has come that
i would like to have a good OCR program again for reading books and such.
So i'm curious what people think, is it worth upgrading kurzweil to
the latest version? or is there better OCR software out there now?

I want something for a pc, not a mobile device.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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