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George McCoy

Kevin's email is I have done business with him for a number of years.  His machines are very reasonably priced and he stands behind them.


On 11/26/2020 1:43 PM, Marie wrote:
Lisa, there is a guy on the Blind Ads list who sells refurbished laptops at very reasonable prices. He installs Win 10 and will also install NVDA and a Jaws demo if requested. His name is Kevin and if you are interested, I will look for his contact info.

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Hi.  Yes, there's that. I'm going to be providing the instruction, so
access to an OS  I know, along with a screen reader I know with a voice
I'm used to would also be helpful.

I've never used Chrome before, just the Chrome Browser for Windows, and
that's hardly the same thing.  I know that much at least.

We're looking at possibly a refurbished machine right now.  We're still
debating options, but refurbished is cheaper and does not necessarily
imply defective equipment.

Also this isn't for a power user, so the latest and greatest isn't

a requirement.

Lisa Belville

On 11/26/2020 9:30 AM, Gene wrote:
I would also want to know what speech is available if I were a blind person planning to use the screen-reader.  I would be very hard to convince to get a system where I couldn't use Eloquence.

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Lisa, the Chrome os is different than Windows. There is a bit of a
learning curve so you will need to learn different commands. They aren't
hard to learn, its just a matter of practice.

Chromevox is the built in screen reader.

On 2020-11-26 8:24 a.m., Lisa Belville wrote:
Hi, Chris and all.

The Chromebooks on Amazon range anywhere from $200 to $265 U.S., so the price is definitely right.  The problem here is she isn't technically blessed.  <grin>  She has a Samsung phone, but she's not proficient with it.

How similar to Windows is the Chrome OS and what kind of screen reader is there?

I'd have to be the one teaching her, so I need something familiar to both of us.

Lisa Belville

On 11/26/2020 3:36 AM, chris judge wrote:
I was going to suggest that as well however I'm not sure how good the low vision features are and she said her Mom could benefit from magnification. I have a little acer chrome book here. I haven't used it much, I bought it mainly to play with but have not much time yet. I'm not sure how well the magnification settings work, but for someone who wants to do basic web navigation, net flix and other basic tasks a chrome book is certainly a viable option, especially if the user is not married to the idea of one operating system.

Chris Judge

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If I were in your shoes, I would seriously consider a Chromebook.

On 11/25/2020 2:43 PM, Lisa Belville wrote:
Hi, all.

My sister and I want to get our mom a very basic Windows laptop for
Christmas. She's used Windows, but back in the XP days, and she hasn't
used a PC since then.

I'm looking for machines that are relatively inexpensive, like under
$300 and are reputable brands with minimum specs-- She'll just do
basic web surfing, on line shopping, Netflix, and maybe some YouTube
and video calling.

I'm looking for something with a full size keyboard, otherwise, we can
provide a wireless Logitech one.

I really don't want to pay more for one with an SSD because she's not
going to be a power user by any means.

Also, mom is sighted, but would probably benefit from the
magnification capability in Windows.  She doesn't need any other
specialized software.

TIA for the thoughts.


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