Re: I need a better way to record my show for the global voice.

Steve Matzura

Station Playlist is an expensive option, but no matter what you use, it seems that a mixer is a must, and that's less than half the cost of SP.

On 11/27/2020 4:06 AM, aad leeflang wrote:
hello jim
i used to use virtual recorder in the past and recorded my shows with it
and used a mixer.
i did not make voce breaks and presented my show with station playlist.
so maybe that;s what you could do.
anotther option is to use duckstream or the sam encoder, if you still
have one, to archive your show.
but sorry, i don't have experience with voice breaks.

On Thu, 26 Nov 2020 12:33:46 -0800
"Jim Rawls" <> wrote:

Hi all,

When I record my show for the global voice, I use virtual recorder for my
recorder. You Get three ways to use the recorder. You can, use it for all
microphone, or, all music, which means music etc. the third choice is
called, "both." The trouble is, "Both," doesn't work. If it did, I wouldn't
be complaining.

Here is how I record my show.

I choose my music, and assign a number to each song.

Second, I record my voice breaks, which are in another folder.

I can't do voice breaks and music at one setting, because you have to keep
changing my settings in virtual recorder to either microphone, or music.
All I want is a program that will allow me to use my voice break, mute the
microphone, play my music, go back to my voice break etc. in another words,
I want to record this show as a live show.

Is there any program that will allow me to do this? and I apologize for the
long email. Jim

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