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The free version is not yet accessible, according to discussions I've seen on a list, I don't recall which list. Also, there has been a message or two saying that the paid version isn't fully accessible yet.

I see no reason to use it, or little reason. It would be a good idea to try Thunderbird which is almost fully accessible and can be made fully accessible with one NVDA add-on and one Mozilla add-on.

Even without those add-ons, it is almost fully accessible.

You'll have to see how you find it. On my machine, and I've seen different reports from different people, it takes a little longer to open messages tthan Windows Live Mail so you may want to try Windows Live Mail also.


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Subject: [TechTalk] OE Classic and JAWS

Because of issues I'm having with Outlook on my PC, I'm considering trying OE Classic. I understand it supports IMAP. How well does it work with JAWS? Is it as easy to use as the website says it is? I'd appreciate any input.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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