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It doesn't matter if Windows Live Mail isn't supported. It still works very well in Windows 7. I've seen a comment that it doesn't in Windows 10 but that appears to be not true. I know one person who uses Windows Live Mail in Windows 10 and I saw another comment on a list that the commentrr uses it and that it works well.

I find Thunderbird slower to open messages than Windows Live Mail, which is one reason I continue to use it in Windows 7. The sluggishness of Thunderbird is something I wouldn't generalize about. I've seen different reports from different people using different systems. So the only way to know may be for the interested person to try it on his or her system.

I hope you consider trying Windows Live Mail.


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Thanks to all who answered my question. I've tried Thunderbird with both JAWS and NVDA and found it sluggish when typing and navigating. It's my understanding that Windows Live Mail isn't even supported anymore. I tried Windows 10 Mail a year or so ago when I was using NVDA but found parts of it inaccessible. Someone told me it works better with JAWS. So, I may try it again, but for now, I'll just use the gmail site. I appreciate everyone's input.

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