Re: started our new youtube tech podcast.


Hello everyone,

We will be going live on YouTube in about three hours with today's
show. The link is to watch
on YouTube. If you'd like, you can also wait for the edited podcast,
which should hopefully be live tomorrow. This week, we have an
interview from two individuals from, as well as the demo of
1password and bitwarden we have been promising. Intermixed will be
some news and listener emails. So join live if you wish, or please
listen when the podcast is released. Either way, please share this out
to your mates.

On 11/28/20, Austin Pinto <> wrote:
hi all
we are doing a podcast on youtube in which we talk tech related to us.
android, iPhone, windows, mac and all things in between.
to subscribe and listen to old podcasts.
visit this link.
we do this podcast on Sundays at 9:30am live.
you can listen to live video in which we will put link so that you can
come live with us and ask your tech questions.
you can also join our telegram group and ask your tech questions.
to join the group, visit.
please share to all that will benefit from it.
search for me on facebook, google+, orkut..
follow me on twitter.
contact me on skype.

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