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Carolyn Arnold

When I have done mail from the Gmail site, I go to compose, then start typing in name from contacts; no problems other than the site seems clumsy as all get out to me. I know, I probably am the clumsy one.

Incidentally, I took a little hin from my savvy husband - go to Find and put in Compose, and it brings me right to Compose.

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On the gmail site, when I select a contact by checking the appropriate box, then press the Compose button, more often than not, the person's name appears in the To field but not the address. When I try to send the message, I'm told this can't be done because the address is missing. Is there another way to insert someone from contacts as a message recipient, or is there a way I can edit contacts so the address appears in the To field?

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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