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Norma A. Boge

I currently use J 2020 and alt C is for compose. No need to turn off the virtual cursor for the keyboard shortcuts. .



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You can also press c to compose. Gmail has many keyboard shortcuts that work great. If they are not enabled, you can enable them in the general settings. If you are using JAWS, you will need to turn off the virtual cursor to use them.




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When I have done mail from the Gmail site, I go to compose, then start typing in name from contacts; no problems other than the site seems clumsy as all get out to me. I know, I probably am the clumsy one.

Incidentally, I took a little hin from my savvy husband - go to Find and put in Compose, and it brings me right to Compose.

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On the gmail site, when I select a contact by checking the appropriate box, then press the Compose button, more often than not, the person's name appears in the To field but not the address. When I try to send the message, I'm told this can't be done because the address is missing. Is there another way to insert someone from contacts as a message recipient, or is there a way I can edit contacts so the address appears in the To field?

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author





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